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We carry both new and back issue comics. 

New Comics
New comics arrive every Wednesday. Bags & Boards are available for $0.35. Cover prices range from $1.00-$12.99 USD, so yes we do convert the prices. With there being hundreds of titles available we can only bring in so many, so if your title isn't on the shelf let us know and see below about starting a pull list. 
Start your pull list at Manage your own pull list from home!   
Back Issues

1000's, yes 1000's of back issues in stock. 29+ long boxes and that doesn't include the cool books that are displayed on the wall and the bundled runs. You really have to come in to see it. Prices start at $1.00


We also have Mystery Bundles starting at $25.  At least 17 bagged and boarded comics in every bundle!  The Mystery bundles have a specific theme (unless it's a truly misc one) and are clearly labelled (Ex.  Spider-man Mystery Bundle).  

Pull List
Pull Lists
Start a pull list for your new comics. A pull list is basically a request by you, for us to bring in the titles you are reading. By starting a pull list you are guaranteeing that your favourite titles will be here when you come in. You also get a 10% discount on your titles. 
Start your pull list at Manage your own pull list from home


We stock everything you will need for your comic collection.


  • Long

  • Short (regular and themed)

  • Magazine

  • CGC



  • Current

  • Silver

  • Golden

  • Mylites

  • Magazine  

Comic Boxes
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