MTG Pre-Order Strixhaven
Pre-Prelease April 16th - Regular Release April 23rd
All Prices are before tax.

Draft Boosters (36) $178.95           Pre-Order $158.00

Set Booster Boxes (30) $182.95      Pre-Order $162.00

Collector Booster Box $355.95        Pre-Order $312.00

Commander Decks $48.95             Pre-Order $43.00/each

Bundles $48.95                            Pre-Order $43.00

Pre-Release Kits $32.95

To order call 780-571-0900 or email

Strixhaven Collector Booster
Strixhaven Draft Booster
Strixhaven Set Booster
Strixhaven Pre-Release Kit
Strixhaven Commander Lorehold Legacies
Strixhaven Commander Silverquill Statement
Strixhaven Commander Prismari Performance
Strixhaven Commander Witherbloom Witchcraft
Strixhaven Commander Quantum Quandrix
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